Signing’ Copies

First: I apologize for choosing as the title of this blog post a reference to a lame-ass Saturday Night Live sketch that probably didn’t read anyway. I’m tired.

Yesterday saw the continuation of a banner week for me, in the form of my first-ever book-signing, held in my home town of Falmouth at the Silver Shores Shanty. An old friend of mine, and a fellow writer, T.M. (Ted) Murphy, invited me down as part of a summertime local authors event series he organizes (for which I thank him profusely).

Sitting in the sun for my book-signing on Cape Cod. Life is hard.
Sitting in the sun for my book-signing on Cape Cod. Life is hard.

I went down in the afternoon with a dozen copies of Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins on-hand, with no idea what to expect. The thing had some decent advance advertising, but I kept my expectations reasonable. I told myself, if I move half of my inventory, I’d go home happy.

Well, I went home happy, and not just because of the sales. My former boss from the newspaper, the one who hired me despite having no experience or training in journalism, was the first of several visitors. My final visitors were members of Ted’s Just Write It class, a half-dozen aspiring writers working on their own projects. We chatted about the craft and my own experiences putting a novel out, and they were a good, inquisitive, responsive group.

Like I said, it was a nice addition to a week that has already seen a finished first draft of Pasts Imperfect and breaking the 1,000 total sales threshold, and continues this weekend with the beginning of work on draft two.

How am I celebrating this excellent week? With some top-shelf scotch, a great lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse with my sweetie, and Guardians of the Galaxy, of course.


July’s State Of The Writer Report

This will be a quick one, because man, am I busy lately.

  • June was another record sales month for me. I beat May sales by a healthy margin. I still have no idea what caused this surge, but I’m grateful for it.
  • It’s also given me great incentive to return to working on Action Figures – Issue Three: Pasts Imperfect after a too-long break (life stuff got in my way). Last weekend I knocked out 16 good pages, which I consider a big leap forward.
  • Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins got its first independent review (by which I mean, it wasn’t written by a friend and it wasn’t an Amazon review), and it was very positive. I am very pleased by this. You can go read it here.
  • Book one will be getting more exposure later in this month. I’ll have some promotional postcards on display at the Storied Threads booth at ConnectiCon, and I’ll be holding my first-ever book-signing on July 30 in my home town of Falmouth — at the Silver Shores Shanty, to be precise, where I’ll have a dozen books available (since, realistically, the turnout will likely be on the light side) at below-retail cost.

That’s about it for now. As you were.

Book Signing Announcement!

This popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday, so I guess it’s all official now:

Book Signing Ad

Yep, I have my first official book signing coming up! It’ll be hosted by friend and fellow writer T.M. Murphy and held at the Silver Shores Shanty in my home town of Falmouth, so if you’re down on the Cape that day, stop on by to grab a copy of Action Figures, get it signed, and chat me up.