Spoiler Theater: Glee Season One Finale

Season two of “Glee” just popped up on Netflix, which my wife and I started watching over the weekend, and it caused me to recall how disappointing the season one finale was.

One of season one’s main plotlines involved Quinn Fabray’s (Dianna Agron) pregnancy, and I feel like the show blew a golden opportunity to continue that thread into season two and take it in meaty new directions (pun not intended, seriously).


Earlier in the season, Quinn’s then-boyfriend Finn (Corey Monteith) dropped the baby bombshell on Quinn’s conservative Christian parents, and Quinn’s father Russell (Gregg Henry) had a royal shit-fit that ended with him casting Quinn out of his house and out of his life.

Flash-forward to the season finale when, not unpredictably, Quinn gives birth. Now, I have issues with Sue Sylvester’s (the very awesome Jane Lynch) uncharacteristic about-face at regionals, but I’ve heard convincing counter-arguments on that point. I also thought the show took an easy out on Quinn’s pregnancy by having her give the baby up for adoption, but that dovetailed into a subplot involving Rachel’s (Lea Michele) birth mother Shelby (Idina Menzel), so I’m willing to give that one a pass.

What I can’t cheerfully overlook is how abruptly the show wrapped up the thread with Quinn’s family, which is: Quinn’s mom Judy (Charlotte Ross) informs Quinn that Russell was having an affair and she kicked him out of the house, so he’s gone, it’s okay for Quinn to come back home, everything is cool.

Say what?

The moment when Russell coldly rejects his daughter for shaming the family with an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, that was a powerful moment in the season that was filled with potential for future stories exploring Quinn and Russell’s damaged relationship. Would Russell ever forgive his daughter? Would he feel any sense of loss that his grandchild would never be part of his family? Would Quinn ever trust her father again after he effectively abandoned her at her greatest time of need? Where does Judy stand in all this? Would her maternal instincts to protect her child kick in or would she cave to her husband? If the affair plot point came into play, thus revealing Russell as a huge hypocrite, how would this have affected everything else?

Since Gregg Henry is listed on IMDb as appearing in only the one episode in season one, I assume that he has not made a return appearance in seasons two or three to pick up this dangling story thread, which is a shame. This subplot still had a lot of life in it.