Weekly Update – February 12, 2019

Release week for The Final Summons got off to a solid start when the New England Speculative Writers anthology hit number one on Kobo’s best-seller list for fiction and literature anthologies. Woo-hoo!

To keep up the post-release momentum, I’m spotlighting other books by my fellow contributors you might be interested in. Go check them out!


Action Figures – Issue EightCrawling from the Wreckage: Book eight is fully edited and formatted, so now it just needs its cover art!

Well-Behaved Women: The current drafts of books two and three are done. Book two is ready for my editor and book three is ready for test-reading.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Scratching a Lich: Still waiting. ARGH!

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – book four: First draft in progress.

Action Figures – Issue Nine: Hell Hath No Fury: First draft in progress.

Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins (audiobook): Review completed, final editing in progress.


  • Boskone 2019 – February 15 – 17, Westin Waterfront Hotel, Boston. It took forever to nail this down, but I’m in! Come visit me in the dealers room this weekend!


The New England Speculative Writers group is preparing a NEW preview book for newsletter subscribers! It should be ready later this week, so I’ll provide an updated signup link when it’s good to go.

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Weekly Update – April 12, 2016


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Art and Copyright 2016 Patricia Lupien
Cheap Thrills Digest: Now on sale on this website! Go to the Buy Now page and grab a signed copy for only $6 plus shipping!

Action Figures – Issue Six: Power Play: Pre-editing revisions are done, in the queue for editing.

Action Figures – Live Free or Die: Pre-editing revisions are done, in the queue for editing.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Assassins Brawl: I took the weekend off to help my wife Veronica (of Storied Threads) work Super MegaFest in Marlborough so nothing got done here, but I plan to correct that this weekend.

Action Figures – Issue Seven: The Black End War: About a quarter of the way through the first draft.


  • Saturday, April 30: The spring OtherWhere Market at Mill No. 5 in Lowell. Runs from noon until 6 PM with an after-hours party to follow. This year’s event will be part of a larger, citywide steampunk weekend.
  • Sunday, October 2: The Connecticut Renaissance Faire’s 2016 Meet the Author series, which runs from 1 to 3 PM.
  • Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16: The fall New Bedford Bookfest. Times TBA.


Speaking of Super MegaFest, while there I bumped into Daniel Keohane, who I met at an event last fall at the Sharon Public Library. Daniel was at the con with the New England Horror Writers so we had a chance to chat. Good to see you again, sir!

Speaking of horror fiction, an idea I’ve had kicking around in my brain is finally starting to come together. Who knows when I’ll get to it considering what I already have on my to-do list, but the story is there (currently going under the working title of Lurking in the White).

Same goes for another project I’ve been toying with, a possible trilogy with the deceptive title of Well-Behaved Women. During a brief bout of sleeplessness yesterday I came up with a cover concept and cemented a few ideas. Now I just have to work out the story arcs of each individual book and the series as a whole. And find time to write it.