Preview! Action Figures – Issue Two: Black Magic Women

Benchmark time, and it’s a great point in the process of putting a new novel together!

I finished work on the second Action Figures novel last month and sent it off to my editor, who last night sent back her first batch of notes. That means it’s time to roll out the first two chapters of Action Figures – Issue Two: Black Magic Women!

Here’s the cover blurb, which gives you a taste of the story:

The world is full of magic…and it wants the Hero Squad dead.
Winter in Kingsport heats up when the necromancer Black Betty comes to town, on the hunt for the Libris Infernalis, a legendary book of dark magic with the power to raise hell on Earth…literally.
Facing power beyond their understanding, the Hero Squad turns to the Protectorate’s resident sorceress for help, but the mysterious Dr. Enigma seems to have an agenda of her own. Is she on the side of angels, or is she a devil in disguise?
What are you waiting for? Go read the sample chapters now!

Of course, if you haven’t even read Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins, you might be a little lost. Easy fix! Go to this page and click on the cover image to jump to to buy book one.

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