October Book Fair(e)

CTRF AuthorsBeware! Multiple cheap plugs ahead!

Today is the last day to grab advance tickets for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, which begins on October 3 and runs for four weekends at the North Haven Fairgrounds in (duh) North Haven (double duh), Connecticut. I bring this up for several reasons, many of which are shamelessly self-serving.

For starters, it’s a fun show and a great day out for the whole family. Many, many of my friends will be there performing in one capacity or another, my wife will be vending her awesome wares, and seven different authors — including me — will be there to sell and sign copies of their books. Here’s the complete schedule for your planning pleasure:

  • Saturday, October 3: Erin Thorne (Losers and Their Friends; Deals Diabolical)
  • Sunday, October 4: Michael Bailey (self-explanatory, I think)
  • Saturday, October 10: R.A. Salvatore (the Drizzt Do’Urden novels)
  • Sunday, October 11: E.A. Rappaport (the Legends of the Four Races series)
  • Monday, October 12: J.M. Aucoin (Honor Among Thieves; the Jake Hawking series)
  • Saturday, October 17: A.L. Davroe (the Tricksters series)
  • Saturday, October 24: Deborah Ann Davis (the Love of Fairs series)

Check out the CTRF authors series page for updates.

Shameless Self-Promotion Time

I’ve already mentioned my book-signing at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire in October, but now I think it’s safe to call it 100 percent official. Check out this page from the CTRF website!

CTRF Screencap

You may notice some other notable names on there, such as fellow indie authors J.M. Aucoin, Erin Thorne, and E.A. Rappaport, as well as the esteemed R.A. Salvatore.

And the push to get The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot out to the masses in time for the signing proceeds apace. The manuscript is with my editor Julie, and a preview copy has gone out to about half of the kind readers who volunteered to check it out and help me with the initial publicity push.

That said, I still have space for a few more readers! I’d like to get 10 total and so far I have seven. If you’d like to read a preview copy, go to this post for details, then contact me.