Best Week Ever! Part Three

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I planned to start doing direct book sales through this website. I was so motivated by the concept, I powered through my exhaustion (slept like crap for two straight nights) and got things set up.

So I am happy to officially announce that you can now buy print editions of all four Action Figures books and The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Scratching a Lich through the Buy Now page. I’m selling all books for $12 — a savings of $1 to $3 over the cover price — plus $3 to cover shipping, which will be by media mail rates. The bonuses of buying from me directly: I’ll sign each copy and throw in an Action Figures bookmark.

I also mentioned my plans to sell e-book versions as well. Here’s the situation with that: Action Figures – Secret Origins and Scratching a Lich are both part of the Kindle Select program, which means I get to benefit from such perks as being able to run promotions (such as the free giveaway for Secret Origins running through Friday), and my book is available to Kindle Unlimited members. The down side is that I can only sell Kindle Select titles exclusively through Amazon.

So I have to give some thought about the potential benefits of selling e-books directly from this site verses the benefits of Kindle Select before I pull the trigger one way or the other. In the meantime, if anyone really wants an epub or mobi version of Secret Origins or Scratching a Lich, contact me directly and we’ll talk.

All that said, I am in the process of formatting the other three Action Figures books for direct sale as e-books, and since those aren’t part of Kindle Select, I will be able to sell them via the site without any conflicts.

One more thing worth mentioning: I plan to start selling e-book copies of Secret Origins and Scratching a Lich at personal appearances. I figured out how to make it work, so if you see me in person anywhere, I’ll be able to sell you a copy on the spot, and you’ll have it within a few minutes!

Speaking of personal appearances, I have something cooking for a little later this month. I’ll let you know about that as soon as the details are nailed down.

Artwork and copyright Patricia Lupien.
Artwork and copyright Patricia Lupien.

I’ll end on a high note and present to you another sneak-peek of the cover of the upcoming Action Figures – Issue Five: Team-Ups. You’ve already seen the Entity, now check out Tricia’s progress on Kunoichi’s new look!

Action Figures – Now Available On Kindle!

FINALLY! It took a lot longer than anticipated, but Action Figures is now available as an e-book for the Kindle!

AF CoverFirst, the nitty-gritty details: Action Figures for the Kindle is $2.99, and if you’ve previously purchased Action Figures as a softcover novel through, you can take advantage of Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook feature and purchase the e-book for $.99! Keep it for yourself, or give it to a friend as a gift (Christmas is right around the corner, after all).

Don’t have a Kindle? Then download one of Amazon’s free Kindle reading aps so you can check out the e-book on your browser, your phone, your tablet computer.

Now, a commentary, mostly for the benefit of authors considering publishing on the Kindle…

It was a pain in the butt.

I went with the paid conversion service because I didn’t know a damn thing about formatting the manuscript for Kindle, and — bonus — I had a discount coupon, and the first thing I realized: CreateSpace and the Kindle Direct Publishing do not communicate well, and in some cases weren’t even certain where I should be directing my inquiries. CreateSpace would send me to KDP, which would send me back to CreateSpace, and vice-versa.

CreateSpace also did not do a fantastic job of formatting the manuscript on the first go-round. Hyphenated words that should have stayed hyphenated were turned into portmanteaus, and I had to root through my original manuscript AND the e-proof to locate the goofs, and send a detailed list to a specific team, so I could wait an additional week for the corrected proof — and I only learned about this process because of a direct phone call to CS customer service. The website was less than helpful.

The final annoyance: I never received the promised e-mail telling me the work was done. I stumbled across the fact I had a corrected version by accident.

So: not all that impressed by the conversion service, and I’m not sure if I’ll use it again, or put in the extra legwork myself to format it by hand. Live and learn.