Weekly Update – February 21, 2023

My birthday is coming up on March 2, but you get the present in the form of — drumroll, please — Action Figures – Issue Eleven: Zero Day! Cover reveal time!

My cover artist Tricia Lupien channeled her inner George Perez for this one. I figured since the story is twice as big as the typical Action Figures novel (and since this is the series finale), the cover should be double-sized as well. We’ve got our classic line-up on the front cover and the Hero Squad’s backup team (clockwise from top left) Ylena Johr, Scout, Skyblazer, Chaos Theory (a.k.a. Nikki Morgan), and Meg “MegaWatt Quantum” Quentin.

The Kindle edition is currently available on Amazon for presale, and will be released on March 2, along with the print edition.

And now, the official blurb:

Heroes versus villains. Good versus evil. The Hero Squad versus ShadoWorks.

Winner takes all.

For three years, the Hero Squad has held the line against ShadoWorks, a mysterious underworld cabal working toward a sinister goal: nothing less than the complete subjugation of the United States. With its prize at last within reach, ShadoWorks launches its final assault against the Squad and their allies — and if they fall, America falls with it.

America, and then the world.

It’s Zero Day — the day everything changes forever in this, the epic final chapter of the Action Figures saga.


The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Untitled Seventh Book: First draft underway.


  • None scheduled


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