Weekly Update – May 4, 2021

This is an eventful week.

To begin with, Action Figures – Issue Ten: Unintended Consequences is finished and will be available for the Kindle next week — Tuesday, May 11 to be precise!

If you’ve been waiting for the next book in the series, I’d love it if you picked it up on release day so we can get this baby on an Amazon best-seller list. The series has made the top five of several lists in the past, and two books hit #1. Can we make it a three-peat with this book?

Next, as you read this, I am bracing to see what sort of side-effects I’ll be dealing with following my second round of vaccination (House Pfizer). Got the shot this morning, and based on what my many smart, vaccinated friends have experienced, I will probably spend a chunk of today and tomorrow feeling less than optimal — but that’s okay. I’d rather feel like garbage for a day or two from a vaccine than feel dead from Covid for forever.

Next, yesterday was my last day at my kinda-sorta full-time day job as a photographer’s assistant — a job I took about four years ago to boost my household’s rather eclectic revenue streams. The big perk of this job was that it gave me a lot of writing time. Even on busy days, I’d have more down time than active work time, so I brought my laptop with me and wrote.

But there were a lot of downsides: occasional long-ass drives to job sites (it was all remote work); uncooperative schools (this was a school photography company); periods following the holidays when the work dried up and I had to rely on unemployment, which I hated (I was grateful for it, but I would have rather been working); and worst of all, fussy, bossy stage parents who made life miserable for me, the photographer, and their own kids. THE WORST.

But I recently got a new, full-time gig with better pay, benefits, a more stable schedule, and an office that’s only ten minutes from my home. I won’t be writing during work time, so I’ll have to adjust my weekly schedule to make up for it. Things will be wonky for a bit.

However, there are a lot of nearly finished projects in the pipeline coming to fruition soon, including the long-delayed audiobook version of The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Sworded Affairs (cover art at right), which I am hoping will be available this month, but that’ll depend on how long it takes ACX to conduct its quality review check. They’ve not been terribly efficient lately.

Finally, the superhero authors group I belong to is hosting its second annual virtual convention next month, and I’ll be part of the panel on crafting superhero characters, which begins at 5 PM on June 21. Link to the site is below.


Action Figures – Secret Origins: Audiobook recording underway, scheduled for mid-2021 release.

Action Figures – Issue Ten: Unintended Consequences: Cover art is in progress. Set for May release.

Action Figures – Issue Eleven: Draft one underway. Scheduled for a winter/spring 2022 release.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Sworded Affairs: Preliminary audiobook recording is finished. Tentatively set for a spring/summer 2021 release.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Elfish Motives: Work on final draft has begun. Tentatively scheduled for a late summer/early fall 2021 release.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – book six: First draft is almost finished!



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