So You Want To Follow Me On Social Media

Earlier this week I was chatting with some fellow indie authors about websites and social media, so I thought I’d present to regular blog followers — as well as any new folks who may pass on through — an overview on my various online presences so you can decide where to follow me if you’re inclined to do so.

I’ll start with this website, which is my all-purpose go-to means of communicating with the world. I post weekly updates on Tuesday mornings and overviews of my main writing projects on Thursdays in rotating order: a general summary of me and my writing; Action Figures; The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot; Well-Behaved Women; and in months with five Thursdays, the post touches on various side-projects such an anthologies I’ve appeared in.

As my mood strikes me, I’ll also post interviews with other creators, essays on writing, and the occasional fluff piece on something that caught my attention.

Look to the right and you’ll see a handy “follow” button. Click this and you’ll get an email whenever a new post appears. My posts also automatically cross-post to several social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, my Amazon Author Central page, Goodreads, and LinkedIn.

Now let’s go through those in order:

My official Facebook author page is mostly website cross-posts, but I also share interesting writing-related articles that come across my Facebook feed. I have a personal page as well, but unless I know you personally, I won’t accept any friend requests there.

My Twitter page has website reposts and the occasional writing-related material, but it’s also my most politics-heavy social media platform — and I’ll put this out there in no uncertain terms: I’m progressive liberal, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to avoid me on Twitter.

Then there’s Tumblr, which I frankly don’t use often. Cross-posted material from the site shows up there, along with Instagram posts, and on the rare occasion I’m on Tumblr, a mix of pop culture, writing, and political/topical reblogs.

Next up is my Amazon Author Central page. The big reason to go here and follow the page is to get new release alerts and check out my entire catalog in one location.

I have a Goodreads page, but I’m not active there as often as I perhaps should be, but it isn’t the best place to interact with me because I’m not there that much.

I am on Instagram, which might be my least writing-oriented social media account. There you’ll see lots of stuff from my everyday life and not too much writing-related content.

Every so often I remember I have a Pinterest account, which is an even mix of self-promotion, writing-related material, and pop culture stuff.

After that, I have scattered social media accounts that I barely touch and, honestly, aren’t worth your time, but here they are anyway: LinkedIn, Author Shout, and BookBub.


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