The Best of the Rest

Copyright 2018 Tessa Beatrice/Underdog Comics

Freedom Winds is a mini-comic written by me, illustrated by Tessa Beatrice, and distributed by Underdog Comics and artist Tessa Beatrice. The comic follows the adventures of a crew of renegade pirate women fighting the Triangle Trade.

You can go read it on Underdog Comics’ Facebook page now, as well as on TapasWebToonBecomics and Tumblr. Please support this small press by liking the comic and sharing the link!

The Final Summons is the first anthology from the New England Speculative Writers. This collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories includes The Going Rate for Penance by me, a fantasy short set in the world of The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot. Available in hardcover, paperback, and for the Kindle.

Cheap Thrills Digest is a bargain-priced short story collection featuring tales from Action Figures and The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot, the original horror short Lost Souls, and the essay Critiquing Critiques – How to Leave a Review.

Faire Times – A Fantasy Anthology to Benefit RESCU is an upcoming anthology co-curated by me and Lyndsey Luther (Greencloak). We’re currently accepting submissions and expect to release the collection in mid-2021.


2 thoughts on “The Best of the Rest

  1. Robert Danough

    Why do you start a series on Kindle Unlimited, then switch over to Kindle? I can’t afford to pay for both services. The first two books of the Action Figures series were excellent but now I can’t finish the series because of this switch. Disappointed…


    1. It’s a financial decision. The money I make off KU reads is meager compared to my commission for a sale. The payment I receive for one sale is equivalent to people reading my book two or three times on KU. If I put the entire series on KU, my income would plummet, and I definitely cannot afford that right now (or ever, but especially right now).

      The reason I put the first book of each series on KU is to entice readers. They like what the read, they buy the other books in the series. Indie authors use first books as loss leaders to get people hooked and bring in new readers.

      KU is a double-edged sword at best. Some reading for how it works and why it’s both good and bad for indie authors:


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