Weekly Update – August 25, 2020

The most important thing to tell you this week is this: we have a new cat!

Ingrid joined the family over the weekend and is settling in nicely. The other fuzzies still aren’t quite sure what to make of her, but she was immediately comfortable around me and my wife, which we consider a strong start. Her previous owner fell ill and could no longer take care of Ingrid, who was then surrendered to a kill shelter in New York. Fortunately, Paws 4 Life Animal Rescue of Bolton, CT got her out. My wife chanced across Ingrid on Petfinder, and the rest is history.

On a more writerly note, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about my fantasy anthology project. The Call for Submissions page has had more than 150 views since it went live, so even if a quarter of those visitors actually submit something, my co-curator Lyndsey Luther and I will have an embarrassment of riches to choose from.


Action Figures – Secret Origins: Audiobook recording continues with narrator Jennifer McPherson. Release date TBA.

Action Figures – Issue Ten: Unintended Consequences: First draft complete, tentatively set for a winter/spring 2021 release.

The Action Figures Omnibus – Volume One: In the final editing and formatting phase, awaiting cover art.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Blades of Glory: Undergoing second audio quality review, release date late summer/early fall 2020.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Sworded Affairs: Audiobook recording is underway. Tentatively set for a fall 2020 release.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Elfish Motives: First draft of book five is almost finished! Tentatively scheduled for a late 2020 release.


  • Writers’ Virtual Coffeehouse – Thursday, September, 7:30 PM. The next session in my ongoing free-form discussion via Zoom about writing, self-publishing, marketing, etc. We welcome all experience levels, all writing interests, and all questions about any part of the writing and publishing process.


The New England Speculative Writers group has a new preview book for newsletter subscribers. Pick it up and read the opening chapters to Well-Behaved Women – Awakening and other stories.

If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss any news from me, remember that I have a weekly newsletter that features some of the stuff you see posted here plus new, newsletter-exclusive material. Click this link to sign up.


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