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No good deed goes unpunished. No sins of the past go unforgotten.

A quiet winter ends in chaos when the Hero Squad’s darkest secrets are revealed to the world.

Every mistake they’ve ever made, every defeat they’ve ever suffered, every supervillain they’ve ever crossed returns to haunt them, threatening to destroy the team from within and from without — and this time, the Squad must face the challenge alone.

Because even their allies are against them.

Brace yourself for another game-changing adventure in the Action Figures saga!

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When Derek Strongarm, Felix Lightfoot, and their friends are hired to transport a powerful and potentially dangerous magical artifact, they can’t help but foresee disaster ahead. They have a rather bad track record, after all. Why should this job prove easier than any other?

It doesn’t.

Their pessimism is rewarded in spades when they become trapped for the winter in Além, a fortified city under siege by howlers – savage beasts living in the surrounding forest and hungry for human flesh. Unhappy with the prospect of getting eaten alive by the ravenous monsters, the company offers its services to the city guard and its commander, Briana Dohnington, to help safeguard Além.

When Erika finds an unexpected source of warmth in the arms of Commander Dohnington – much to the dismay of her brother, Lord Gregor Dohnington – she winds up in the middle of a political scandal that could throw Além into chaos for generations to come.

But that proves the least of Erika’s worries when the howlers come knocking on the city’s front gate in search of a hot meal – and the people of Além are on the menu.

The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Sworded Affairs is the fourth book in the award-winning* fantasy series by Michael C. Bailey (action figures, well-behaved women). Get ready for another rollicking tale filled with action, drama, humor, love, sex, violence, magic, monsters, intrigue, betrayal, more sex, more violence, and snow. Lots of snow.

(* The 2016 Bella Online Ebook Awards, gold medal in fantasy fiction)

Available now on Audible! Also available in print and for the Kindle!

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