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The Action Figures Omnibus – Volume One: Stepping Up

Five heroes, three adventures, one collection. This is where the action begins!

The Action Figures Omnibus Vol. 1 – Stepping Up collects the first three novels in the Amazon best-selling YA superhero series into one bargain-priced omnibus edition, featuring a new foreward by Action Figures super-fan and award-winning indie author Patrick Hodges (the Wielders of Arantha series).

In Secret Origins, Carrie Hauser arrives in Kingsport, Massachusetts in time to help a team of superhuman teens fight off Archimedes, a renegade artificial intelligence.

In Black Magic Women, Carrie and her friends in the Hero Squad find themselves in the middle of a magical war between the mysterious Dr. Enigma and her rival, the necromancer Black Betty.

In Pasts Imperfect, the bloodthirsty Buzzkill Joy unleashes chaos in Kingsport, and only the Hero Squad can stop her — but Joy’s dark secret threatens to tear the team apart from within.

Available now through Amazon, exclusively for the Kindle!

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