Panel Time! Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress

My next panel begins in just 15 minutes!

Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress – 11:30 AM – Faneuil (3W)

A minute can seem so short when trying to put together a masquerade presentation, but it can feel like an eternity on stage. How do you use the time allowed to both entertain the audience and wow the judges? Can it be done in less than 30 seconds? Gaia Eirich (m), Michael Bailey, Jill Eastlake, James Hinsey, Anastasia Holt

And later today:

Fight Science for Writers – Hands-On Demos – 4 PM – Otis (2W)

Have you ever wondered how your fight scene would look acted out in real life? Here’s your chance to play with some toy soldiers, see your fight scene acted out with authentic weapons, and listen to our panel of martial artists and authors SHOW you what works vs. doesn’t work in your or other writer’s fiction. Mark Millman (m), Michael Bailey, Rachel A. Brune, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Dan “Grim” Marsh.


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