Arisia 2018 – Dealers Room is Closed

That’s it for the day, folks. The dealers room is closed, but it will re-open tomorrow at 10 AM.

But that doesn’t mean the night is over! There’s still a lot going on, including my panel this evening:

We Got Movie Sign!: Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 10 PM – Burroughs (3E)

After a Kickstarter campaign that wound up becoming the most successful media-related effort in its history, Joel Hodgson brought his creation back to an audience starved for the opportunity to see puppets snark at bad movies. With new host Jonah Ray, the return of MST3K was an immediate success story for Netflix and precipitated a live tour. Join the discussion as we go over the new episodes, argue about the new cast, and speculate what a twelfth season might bring! Bob Chipman (m), Michael Bailey, Sidney J Hackney, Cassandra Lease, Dan Toland.


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