Arisia, Ho!

It’s Arisia time!

As of post time, I am about to eat lunch, and then pack up the car and drive to Boston nice and early for set-up. I’ve been in Boston rush hour traffic many times before and I’m perfectly content to sit around the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel for a couple of hours if it means I don’t spend that time crawling down the Mass Pike at 10 miles per hour. Screw that.

galleria-2017-locationI’ll be down in the dealers’ room alongside J.M. Aucoin all four days, so come say hello! I’ve marked our table on the map on the right. If you can’t make the con but want to keep tabs on what’s happening, I’ll be posting throughout the weekend on my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram pages, so follow me there!

The dealers’ room opens to the general public at 5 PM tonight, but the event itself gets rolling this afternoon. Head over to the Arisia schedule page to see what’s happening today and all throughout the weekend.

And remember, I’ll be participating in four panels throughout the con. Below is the list of my panels, along with the dates, times, and locations. You can find the rooms where they’ll be held on this handy map.

Writing Swordfights, Knives, and Hand-to-Hand Combat

Saturday, 2:30 PM in Otis

Violent encounters are a good way to up the tension in your story. Our panel of martial artists will not only explain the phases of combat, what goes through their mind prior to ‘going at it’, and what makes a realistic swordfight, knife-fight, stick-fighting or hand-to-hand encounter, but they will also demonstrate a few basic moves, answer questions, and help one lucky attendee work out the mechanics of their work-in-progress.

Getting Into Character

Sunday, 1 PM in Faneuil

From the way you walk, to the way you talk, getting into character is key to making your cosplay shine. Our panel of performance-minded costumers share with you their secrets for bringing their costume to life.

Writing a Worthy Adversary

Sunday, 8:30 PM in Douglas

Nothing brings a story to life like a worthy antagonist, but how do you figure out the yang for your protagonist’s yin? What is your villain’s backstory? What are some of the ways they can twist, torment, and temper your main character? And how can a good antagonist act as your protagonist’s mirror? Boo! Hiss! Come learn how to write bad guys your audience will love to hate.

Imaginary Friends: Crafting Memorable Characters

Monday, 10 AM in Marina 3

Even the most gripping plot will fail if you don’t have memorable characters. How do you create a sympathetic protagonist? How much backstory should you give them? How do you develop interesting supporting characters to accompany them on their journey? There are many ‘tricks’ you can use to flesh out characters, as well as ways to juggle multiple character viewpoints. Come learn how to write characters so realistic your audience will be talking about them long after they finish your story.


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