“Make Good Art” – Neil Gaiman

Today I’d planned to post something about the shows I’ve done over the past year. I had insightful analysis, a lot of statistics, some advice for other writers doing shows…I spent an hour or so writing it up and was quite pleased with how it came out, even if the subject matter was a little dry and definitely for a select audience.

I just trashed it and I’m posting this instead.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year — and if you have been, I kind of envy you — you know there’s an election going on and it’s ugly at every level, from the discourse between the candidates themselves down to voters who are can’t articulate clearly and in a civil manner why they support their chosen candidate. It’s depressing.

So instead of boring people with writerly business crap, I’m going to use this space to encourage everyone to ignore the political crap, just for a little while, and go make some art. I don’t care if it’s a poem or a doodle or you singing that annoying-as-hell 1-877-Kars-4-Kids jingle off-key in a YouTube video. We’re absolutely flooded with negativity and nastiness and ugliness right now, so it’s time to make something beautiful to counter all the crap.

When you make your thing, whatever thing that is, post it here in the comments section. If you already have something handy, be it something you wrote or drew or painted or sang or played or filmed or sewed or knitted or whatever, throw it on up here.


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