Weekly Update – June 7, 2016

Alas and at last, the Robin Hood Springtime Festival for this year is in the rear-view mirror. Aside from some upcoming cons I’m working with my wife, my weekends are mine again and I can focus on getting some projects wrapped up and out of my hair.


The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Assassins Brawl: I heard from a couple of my test-readers and they’re hoping to finish things up within the next week or so. With luck, I’ll have a draft ready for my editor by the end of June or early July.

Action Figures – Issue Six: Power Play: Pre-editing revisions are done, in the queue for editing.

Action Figures – Live Free or Die: Pre-editing revisions are done, in the queue for editing.

Action Figures – Issue Seven: The Black End War: I’m hitting this in fits and starts until I am done with S&L book two.



It’s taken us a while to coordinate schedules, but I expect to record my podcast interview and reading with my friend Phil tomorrow evening. I’ll post a link once it’s up.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – June 7, 2016

    1. Mainly because my editor Julie has a full-time job. She edits for me as a side job, which means I have to reserve her ahead of time so she can do her work for me around her regular job and her personal life and still meet my deadlines. If she did nothing but work for me things would get processed much more quickly.

      Also, even though AF book six is ready to go, I want her to tackle S&L book two first. Book one came out last September, so I’d like to get book two out this fall so fans of that series aren’t waiting too long. Once S&L is off her plate, I’ll send her the next AF so she can get right to work on that so I can schedule a spring 2017 release.

      If you’re at all curious about the whole process of putting a book together beginning to end, check out this piece I wrote last year about it: https://innsmouthlook.com/2015/12/08/the-making-of-a-novel/


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