Worcester Local Authors Fair Ahoy!

The Worcester Public Library’s Local Authors Fair is one week away now, so it’s time for me to start getting all my stuff organized.

Yeah, I prep way ahead of time for these sort of things. Come Saturday morning, I want to be able to roll all my stuff out to the car and zip on over without stressing about packing that morning. Less likely to forget things that way.

I learned this week that the event has been extended by a half-hour — it now runs 11 AM to 2:30 PM — to accommodate all the people who wanted to do readings. I’m not among them because I’ve never done a reading before and didn’t care to make this my first effort…not without a few dry runs, first. Maybe next time.

CTD Cover PenultimateThings will be a little tight, timing-wise, but it does look like I will have copies of Cheap Thrills Digest on-hand for the day as planned. My cover artist Tricia was beset by technology demons that corrupted her working file of the cover art and had to start over from scratch, but she powered ahead and finished things up over the week, so take a look at the (nearly) finished product!

Tricia said she delighted in hitting the pulp fantasy adventure tropes button with a heavy hand — tentacles, shirtless sword-wielding beefcake, etc. — and I definitely think this is the most fun cover she’s produced for me (so far).

If you can make it, please stop by my table on the first floor of the library, in the Children’s Ellipse area (this library is so fancy, kids get an ellipse rather than just some plain old “section”). Hope to see you there!

Go here for the full schedule of readings and workshops.


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