A New Project Already?!

Short answer: yes, because I’m a write-aholic.

I’d planned to worry about this project later in the year, but I have a local author event in the pipeline (more on that once I’m confirmed) and I wanted to have this ready to go. It’s gone through a few name changes, but in light of some brainstorming I did with my cover artist Tricia, who pitched a concept too fun to pass up, the new book will be released under the title…

Cheap Thrills Logo

Yep, the logo is already done and the cover art is underway.

So, what is this? Cheap Thrills Digest is a collection of previously published short stories combined with an all-new, never-before-seen novelette-length story, and is intended as a low-cost introduction to my two series, Action Figures and The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot. Here’s the breakdown of the content:

  • Action Figures – An Adventure in Babysitting: This is a new edit of the first AF short originally published on this website (and is still available to read here) and was later integrated into Action Figures – Issue Three: Pasts Imperfect.
  • The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot – Ill Fortune, Undeserved: This is the first chapter of Scratching a Lich, which makes a nice little self-contained adventure.
  • Lost Souls: I wrote this horror-edged story many years ago but never released it, mainly because it was a vampire tale and vampires were at the time (and still are) WAY overdone, but I always liked it and hoped to one day find a way to get it out to everyone. It’ll make its debut in Cheap Thrills Digest.
  • Critiquing Critiques – How to Leave a Review: An essay I wrote for this website, included to motivate readers to support indie authors like me.

Important note: this book will not be available as an e-book or through Amazon! I plan to make Cheap Thrills Digest available exclusively at live appearances and through this website, and only in print form — and while the final cost will be dictated by the page count, which I have yet to figure out, my goal is to make it available for $5. Cheap thrills indeed!


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