Two-Sentence Horror Stories

jackolanternHappy Halloween, everyone!

It’s a day of writing and scary movies for me, but to get you in the mood for this, the most awesome day of the year, I present some two-sentence horror stories submitted by friends and fans. I’ll begin with my two offerings, one straight and one silly (or maybe not so silly).

Brad decided that out of all his children, little Emily was his favorite. He took another bite.

“It’s eight PM, which means the polls have closed nationwide. Early results seem to indicate that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.”

Now onto some of my favorite submissions…

Cliff A.: He truly hated his grandfather’s guts. But then he was reminded that there are children starving in other countries and ate what was on his plate.

James K.: Listening for the safety coffin bells is a minor part of a cemetery watchman’s job. Frank had never heard one before, let alone so many at once.

John G.: I never minded her binge watching CSI. What did bother me was the copious amounts of notes she would take during the show.

Rob I.: On the beach, his wife waved cheerfully back to him as she led their toddler into the surf for the first time. He tried to scream a warning then, but the breath was crushed from his lungs as the tentacles dragged him under.

Adolfo H.: She is so beautiful. I am so glad I took her out of her grave.

Ron B.: It was only just one bite. How the hell did I know it would turn me into this?

Chelsea C., from the “perhaps autobiographical wishful thinking” category: “Make me something!” her husband used to constantly ask, even though she had many sewing orders. She decided to finally make him something, as she pushed the iron over a piece of his flesh, squirting a bit of blood onto her wild grin.

Dave M.: As I stepped out of the shower to dry off, I heard a knock and my brother yell, “You almost done in there?” It was unnerving as I live alone now, and he had passed away 5 years ago.

Brian R.: When we posted our ‘Omg, Zombie Bites Cure Acne’ video, we never expected anyone to take it seriously. We never expected to be the YouTube video that drove humanity extinct.

Lara F.: The audience roared with approval as I finished my last magic trick. Once the curtain closed, I turned to my manager and told him to put out a call for a new assistant.

Alan W.: “Good night sweetie,” I said as I closed my son’s door. My wife covered my mouth and whispered “We don’t have a son!”

Mike P: Something was gnawing on my mind. Imagine my surprise when I took of my hat!

Heidi C.: I was done. I pulled on the roll and realized only the cardboard remained.

Lola H.: The elderly woman looked at the swollen belly of the pale young woman beside her and cooed, “How lovely, I can see the baby kicking from here!” The young woman stared straight ahead as she softly replied, “I’m not pregnant.”

And if this were a contest, this would be the winner, from Erin S.: After three minutes she looked again. It was positive.

Honorable mention goes to Paul S. for his one-sentence horror story:  If it’s just a pimple, why is it whispering to me?


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