It’s Not Always About Me

Just a quick post today, because I’ll be spending most of the day at Hartford ComicCon, scouting the place with my wife as possible vending venue for Storied Threads next year.

Yesterday I assaulted everyone with news about the release of The Adventures of Strongarm & Lightfoot, so today I’m giving some space to a couple of my fellow indie authors so you can learn about their stuff.

First, my friend J.M. Aucoin’s Jake Hawking collection, Jake Hawking and the Bounty Hunters, is on sale for one week at 99 cents to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which starts today (arrr, yo ho). Click on the cover image below to jump to Amazon and order that.

And then Mark Aberdeen has just released the second installation of his Dex Territory series, Knight and Dex. Once again, click the cover image below to go spend some money on him.

If you absolutely must indulge your need for Strongarm & Lightfoot, the best way to do that (aside from pre-ordering the Kindle book, hint) is to hit artist Patricia Lupien’s RedBubble store and pick up something with her awesome cover art on it. It looks something like this:

Art and Copyright Patricia Lupien
Art and Copyright Patricia Lupien



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