Team-Ups – A Brief Update

Going to keep it short and sweet, because I still have a lot of work to do. Draft one of Action Figures – Issue Five: Team-Ups is done!

Draft one suggests that book five will be the longest entry in the series yet, coming in at 100,011 words. I’m going to work on slimming it down a bit, but I think readers are going to have a lot of good reading coming.

What’s the book about? Glad you asked…

The Hero Squad is finished.

Their friendships damaged in the wake of the King of Pain incident, perhaps beyond repair, the team go their separate ways to lick their wounds and figure out where their respective paths will take them…and if those paths will ever lead back to each other.

Team-Ups features a series of individual adventures that partner the Hero Squad with unexpected friends and pit them against some surprising foes. Sara finally learns the price of her betrayal; Matt and Nina Nitro go hunting for superhuman fugitives; Carrie gets a rematch with Manticore that takes a shocking turn; Stuart follows Dr. Enigma into Boston’s magical underworld in search of a powerful and dangerous artifact; Missy gets a lesson in taking names and kicking ass from the Entity; and it all leads to Carrie finally learning the truth behind her fantastic powers…but is she willing to pay their terrible cost?


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