Back In Action!

Sorry for the lengthy radio silence, but the last few weeks have been utterly insane.

To cut a long story short, a few months ago my wife and I made the difficult decision to sell our home, which we could no longer comfortably afford on our self-employment-based incomes. We found a new place quickly enough, but that meant we had to set about packing up our lives and moving to the new condo, a project that took up pretty much every spare minute I had since the end of March.

Fortunately, the move is done, and I wish I could say that means I’m getting back on the laptop to resume work on Action Figures – Issue Five: Team-Ups, but I won’t have any proper writing weekends for about eight weeks as rehearsals for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire start up today, and I’m returning to assist my friend Cliff in his fight direction duties.

However, with the new place mostly unpacked and semi-organized, I will have some time during the week to get writing done, so don’t worry. Book five should be out in late September!


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