Thank You, Northfield High!

Back in January, I mentioned that a student at Northfield High and Middle School in Vermont asked the school librarian, Cheryl Kissel, to add Action Figures to the school library catalog. I donated copies of the first three books, and this week I finally got some pics of my books in the library.

Photograph by John Duprey.
Photograph by John Duprey.

Why did it take so long? Well, according to Cheryl, “I wanted to get some with all of the books but, up until the other day, there was always at least one checked out!” I cannot ask for a more flattering explanation.

Photograph by John Duprey.
Photograph by John Duprey.

Big thank-yous go out to Cheryl, my father-in-law Ted Fullard, and a student I know only as Dan for making this happen. A bonus thank-you goes to John Duprey, who took the photos for this blog post. Go give the guy some love and check out his website.

I’ve already made arrangements to send book four to the school as soon as the print edition is ready, which should be soon. My cover artist, Tricia Lupien, is finishing up the back cover as we speak. Here’s a tease of the back cover image…

Artwork by Tricia Lupien.
Artwork by Tricia Lupien.

Finally, a cheap plug: the Kindle edition of Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins is on-sale for 99 cents through today, so grab it now!


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