Adventures At The OtherWhere Market

I spent part of the weekend in Lowell, MA participating in the OtherWhere Market, an alternative craft fair making its debut in mill undergoing a cool renovation process that makes it look like Diagon Alley. No kidding.

Me with my faithful bulldog assistant, Beatrix.
Me with my faithful bulldog assistant, Beatrix.

I got to share space with my wife Veronica (of Storied Threads), and both of us went into the show with low expectations. We’ve learned that first-year events are big crap shoots and bomb as often as they succeed, but friends of ours were organizing the market, and they were very aggressive in getting the word out.

I’m happy to say that it was a successful event, in general and for both my wife and I. I sold a few books and, perhaps more importantly, they are now available in ARTsylum — my first retail outlet for my series! Woo! That gave me some nice incentive as I headed into the revision process on Action Figures – Issue Four: Cruel Summer.

I also got a cool early Christmas present from my friend Lauren, who took my official headshot photo, in the form of my first piece of Action Figures fan art! Well, sort of…AF is more implied than explicit, but I think pretty much anyone is going to play second fiddle to Godzilla…

Art by Lauren Dubois.
Art by Lauren Dubois.

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