Action Figures – Issue Three Progress Report: One Is Done!

As my friend Dave likes to say, the muse was upon me this past weekend, in a big way.

I woke up Saturday hoping to finish draft one of Action Figures – Issue Three: Pasts Imperfect, but not formally planning to. I honestly thought I’d get maybe halfway through the climactic chapters, because action sequences tend to be laborious slogs (fun to read, maybe, but not so much to write), yet I blasted through the climax and the denouement, and stayed up late Sunday finishing off the epilogue.

Book three has been weird to write. It feels like I spent a lot of time spinning my metaphorical wheels rather than moving the story toward its end, and then, quite suddenly, whammo — I’m there.

Now it’s time for the traditional cooling off period, when I leave the story alone for a few days before I dive in on the revisions.  I plan to keep my brain busy in the interim finishing off a new AF short featuring Dr. Enigma, and that will be posted here as more free reading (much like my An Adventure in Babysitting short) once book three has dropped.

A few other quick bits of good news: I am, as I write this, a mere 13 sales away from hitting 1,000 total lifetime sales of my books, and I’m hopeful I’ll get a little boost thanks to this interview I did with fellow indie author Megan Cyrulewski. Go check it out, and maybe give Megan’s writing some love.


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