The State Of The Writer Report – May

The state of the writer is: friggin’ tired.

The author smolders with fellow CTRF castmates Matt Cassar and Bevin Ayers.
The author smolders with fellow CTRF castmates Matt Cassar and Bevin Ayers.

I picked up a seasonal job to pay off some debt a little faster (boilers are bloody expensive), and that takes up my weekdays from 5 AM until 2 PM. After that I come home and, depending on my energy levels, head up to the Storied Threads studio to help out my wife, or I collapse onto the couch and stare at the TV.

The weekends, normally prime writing time, have been taken up by the Connecticut Renaissance Faire (which opens tomorrow, hint hint). I’m in the cast once again, and I am serving as the show’s fight captain, which means I wrangle the stage combat performers…and by “wrangle performers” I mean, “learn everyone’s fights so I can teach them to the cast and then maybe learn my own fights.” It’s been an exhausting schedule.

…One that has left me with precious little time to write, which is a problem. I’m maybe halfway through draft one of Action Figures – Issue Three: Pasts Imperfect, and I should be a lot further along. I want to get book three out by September, and I have a LOT of incentive to stay on top of my writing.

That incentive is a recent surge in sales of the first two books. I don’t know why, but the Kindle editions of Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins and Issue Two: Black Magic Women have been pleasantly steady, and slowly increasing, and so I’m feeling a little pressure to produce the next book before people lose interest.

Book one AND two, on Amazon's charts!
Book one AND two, on Amazon’s charts!

To avoid that, I’m working on keeping my online presence active and diverse. Thankfully, the folks at Author Shout have aided and abetted that effort nicely by choosing me for this month’s featured interview — and then the Twitterverse got its hands on it, and the interview link was passed around like a doobie at a frat party. Hooray going viral!


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