One Hundred Copies — And Counting!

Long story short: last night, I hit — and passed — the 100 copies sales threshold.

As I write this, I have sold 101 copies combined of Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins and Issue Two – Black Magic Women. As promised, here is a special teaser for Action Figures – Issue Three: Pasts Imperfect!

The past is coming back to haunt the Hero Squad.

Archimedes, the Squad’s first foe, is finally heading to trial, and the teen heroes aren’t exactly looking forward to again facing the man capable of revealing their deepest secrets to the world — but their secrets are nothing compared to the dark truths being hidden from them by people they know and trust.

When those secrets are finally laid bare, they could tear the team apart, one heartbreaking piece at a time…and if they don’t, the bloodthirsty killer known as Buzzkill Joy will.

And who is Buzzkill Joy? Well, she looks something like this, and thanks to my cover artist Tricia Lupien the Hero Squad’s next major baddie to life!

Buzzkill Joy BW


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