Cracking The Charts

As an independent author, my benchmarks for success are quite different than they are for traditionally published writers, particularly those authors with an established career. Some days, simply selling a single copy of one of my books is great news.

So imagine my delight when I look at my sales over the past week and see that I’m having my best run since I began this endeavor last September. Books have been moving steadily, and one particular day I hit an all-time one-day sales peak. It’s a huge ego boost, and it encourages me to keep going.

And then there’s finding this on’s Kindle Store best-seller chart in the science fiction and fantasy / fantasy / superhero chart:

Sales Chart

That’s my book in the lower left corner, sitting at the #96 position…two spots above something with George R.R. Martins’ name splashed on the cover.

While I’m not going to start slapping the boast of “best-selling author” on my stuff, because that is, even by indie author standards, a HUGE stretch, I’m absolutely going to bask in the fact that book one is moving well enough to appear anywhere on any best-seller chart.


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