Sharing The Love: Li’l Eddie

The day started off on a slightly annoying note, when I was made aware of a really dumb typo in Action Figures – Issue Two: Black Magic Women. It was a boneheaded mistake on my part, and one of those minor things that managed to escape my notice despite (or perhaps because of) several read-throughs on my part. It also slipped by five test-readers and my editor. It was too much of a goof to let it slide, so I spent part of the morning fixing the original files, and re-uploading them.

That means the print and Kindle editions were briefly unavailable while the system processed the new files. A small headache, in the grand scheme of things, but enough to irk me.

Micah and a copy of the first Li'l Eddie book.
Micah and a copy of the first Li’l Eddie book.

So, in the interest of staying positive, and giving people something to try out while my books are being corrected, I present to you the first in a planned series of books under the Li’L Eddie banner, adapted from the works of Edgar Allan Poe by my brother-in-law, Micah Edwards. The first book, Ricky’s Spooky House, just dropped, and it’s on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ve provided a handy link below so anyone who’d like to check out this book tailored for young readers (and those adults with a healthy sense of childishness) can go grab it right now.



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