Freebie Frenzy!

Big crazy week ahead!

Today is the start of the week-long giveaway for Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins for the Kindle. I submitted the giveaway to a few dozen sites and e-newsletters that promote giveaways, so I’m hoping to see a ton of traffic and lots of copies flying off the metaphorical shelf.

BTW, if you already have the book, now might be a great time to snag a copy for a friend and let him or her try it out, and I’d definitely appreciate the added word-of-mouth.

The timing for this campaign has worked out perfectly; I wanted the giveaway to lead up to the release of Issue Two: Black Magic Women, and as of today, the back cover art — the very last step in the process — is almost finished.

As soon as the cover file is done, all that’s left is to upload the file, get a proof copy to review and, assuming there are no issues, unleash the book onto the unsuspecting public. Mwa ha.

Amy and I at the taping. Well, don't I look imperious?
Amy and I at the taping. Well, don’t I look imperious?

Another bit of good timing: over the weekend, I met up with Amy Rachiele, author of the Mobster’s Series and host of Book Talk on Uxbridge Community TV. I was interviewed for a future show, which will hopefully show up online somewhere, for the benefit of those of us who do not live in Uxbridge (which, I suspect, are most of us).

I’d been contacted by another indie writer about doing a podcast with him, but he’s been incommunicado since our first chat. I think he might be hiding out on an island with a couple of people who were supposed to review my book for their respective websites but, two months later, have yet to do so. Disappointing, but self-promotion, I’ve learned, is very much a numbers game.


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