Sharing The Love: The Fussy Librarian

As you may or may not know, the self-published scene has exploded in recent years, thanks to the advent of print-on-demand services and e-books (such as CreateSpace and its sister Amazon subsidiary, Kindle Direct Publishing — both of which I used for Action Figures).

The question readers might have is: how do I sift through the mountains of crap to find something I might actually like?

There are a few sites out there that answer this question, but I’m spotlighting The Fussy Librarian, which puts out a daily e-newsletter tailored to your particular tastes. Just sign up for the newsletter, tell The Fussy Librarian what you like in terms of genre and content, and it sends you a daily e-mail listing e-books that match your preferences. The added bonus: all books are required to meet minimum positive reader rating requirements, so your chances of finding something good are increased.


Why am I mentioning this site today? Well, because Action Figures will be featured in the Sunday, January 19 newsletter! So do yourself (and me) a favor, and go sign up for the newsletter now!


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