Hello (Hello, Hello)…Is There Anybody Out There?

Today’s a writing day, and I’ll be tackling draft two of book two, and perhaps draft one of an Action Figures short story that I’m planning to post on this site after the second book reaches the public — as in, post in its entirety, for free.

“Free” seems to be the big selling point for fellow indie authors on a number of Facebook groups I joined, all of them geared toward helping authors spread the word of their work. Freebies are the big selling point, which would be all well and good if I thought the pages were reaching potential readers. Really, the pages seem to be echo chambers, in which authors pitch their product to other authors, who are too busy pitching themselves to pay attention to what others have to offer.

Not that many of the offers are all that enticing. It seems like half the books getting pushed on these pages are erotic fiction, vampire stories, or erotic vampire stories. Apparently, everyone’s hoping to become the next Stephanie Meyer (and I’ll let you make the smart-ass cracks on that point; I’m not going to publicly trash another author). Originality is passe.


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