Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Apologies for the lame blog title. All my creative energy is currently going into the edits on book two.

Anyhoo, today marks Cyber Monday, which is like Black Friday sans the potential to be trampled to death (and oh, I wish that was nothing but a facetious comment). To get into the spirit of things, I’ve put the Kindle version of Action Figures on sale for 99 cents for 24 hours (midnight Monday to midnight Tuesday). Facebook Ad

To ramp up interest, I took full advantage of a $50 Facebook advertising credit to run an ad for the sale, and the credit has been almost completely exhausted; more than 100 people have clicked through to the book’s Amazon page, and today I’ll see if anyone was curious enough to come on back and spend a buck on my book.

The Facebook ad and the sale are the latest two things I’ve tried to generate sales. I’ve been experimenting a bit, expanding beyond past efforts such as the mailers and slathering my name all over the Internet, but I’m not feeling optimistic about some of my other avenues. I joined several Facebook-based promotional groups for writers, but what I’m seeing (aside from a scary number of posts from “authors” who cannot competently write a simple blurb) is a lot of authors throwing out their pitches to other authors…who, granted, are (or should be) readers themselves, but I’m convinced these pages are nothing but echo chambers.

As for networking opportunities, so far I’ve received one e-mail from an author who wanted to exchange reviews: I buy, read, and review his book, he does the same for mine. This strikes me as rather dicey; it’s implied that we would give each other positive reviews, and I can’t promise that. If the guy’s book sucks, I’m going to say so, so I’m choosing to pass on that particular proposal.


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