I’m still in my holding pattern for the Kindle version of Action Figures, thanks to some errors in the formatted file (errors I did not make, that I cannot correct on my end). Next week, hopefully, I can stop talking about how nothing is happening.

And by “nothing” I mean, “lots of stuff that isn’t necessarily connected to my novel.”

Earlier this week, my friends/writing buddies J.M Aucoin and Rob Borkowski (whose new short story is available here) and I formed a new Facebook group, The New England Self-Published Writers Group. The express (and somewhat selfish) purpose is to promote ourselves, but our long-range goal is to expand the page to include other independent authors from the New England area for purposes of networking, sharing resources, and promoting projects to readers looking for something new and different.

We’re being rather picky about who joins the group, which may seem cliquish, but, as I’ve remarked in this blog before, there are a lot of people out there who self-published a novel that never should have seen the light of day — at least without first going through some extensive and rigorous editing. One of our goals is to enhance the collective image of self-published authors, and to do that, we need to exercise and enforce standards. We need to treat ourselves and others as professionals who take the craft seriously.

Most of my week has been spent in the Storied Threads studio with my wife, helping her crank out stock in advance of Rhode Island ComicCon, where she hopes to do gangbusters business. Even our dog Beatrix has been pitching in. Sort of. She means well.

"No, really, I'm helping!"
“No, really, I’m helping!”

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