Social Butterfly

The bad part of staying home to watch the pets while my wife works the Storied Threads tent at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire is that I spend the weekend alone (except for, of course, the pets). Boo. My bulldog Beatrix tries to fill in as my bedtime cuddle-buddy, but it’s not the same.

The closest I'll come to having a child (thank God).
The closest I’ll come to having a child (thank God).

On the good side, I have plenty of time to work on novel stuff — on draft one of book two of Action Figures (11 pages today!), and on promoting book one so I have a better reason to keep plugging away at book two.

My mailers (previewed here) have been ordered, I received a mention in my hometown paper (I’ll post that here as soon as get my hands on a copy), and — big project for the day — I splattered my name all over the Internet.

Social networking sites are a boon for small businesses — which I am, for all intents and purposes — since they provide potentially limitless free advertising that reaches a literally global audience. There are a lot to choose from, maybe too many, and it’s a daunting task to maintain multiple presences. Fortunately, thanks to networking and synergy and the general over-sharing nature of the Internet, this here blog post can be auto-shared to my many new social media outlets. Hooray for enabled laziness!

So, now people can keep up with me on Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and LiveJournal (yes, that’s still a thing!), as well as on my Amazon Author Central page and my Goodreads Author page.

Egads, that’s a lot of pandering…but casting loaves, coming back a hundredfold, etc., etc.


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