The Suspense Is Killing Me!

It’s been a while since I posted, but that is not for lack of reason to post. My cover artist, Tricia, has been plugging away at the front cover and it’s pretty close to done, but I’m holding onto the artwork for now so I can lay it all out, along with some background material, in a future post.

I will grant folks who don’t follow my official Facebook page a tease in the form of the current cover image:

Cover Photo Tease 3That’s my main character, Carrie. You’ll be seeing more of here, literally and figuratively, very soon…before the end of the month, I’m hoping.

My original plan was to release the book in late August, but the demands of motherhood and the quirks of the creative soul have delayed things, which is fine. When the question is, “Do you want it now, or do you want it good?”, I always choose good.

So yeah, my fingers are crossed that the cover art will be done soon and I can put this project to bed. Well, sort of…the novel itself will be all done, but then comes the part where I have to promote the thing, and that will be an ongoing process.

So, in the interest of generating buzz, I’m going to remind folks that I have posted the first two chapters on this website, which everyone may read for free. Whether you’ve read it before or read it for the first time now, I’d appreciate it if you could pass this link along to friends who might also enjoy it.


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