Pulling The Trigger

I’m going to do it.

I’m still not entirely confident or gung-ho about it, but I’ve decided this is one of those “better to try and fail than never try at all” situations. Maybe self-publishing will work out well enough, maybe my stuff will sit on the Internet and go ignored by the masses, but I’ll never know until I stick my neck out a little.

A lot of credit for pushing me off the fence goes to my friend and fellow writer Justin, who himself is venturing into self-publishing territory. Talking shop with a respected peer has often before steered me in right directions, so maybe that will prove the case once again.

Now comes the part where I fumble through several necessary next steps to make this happen properly. I’m still researching CreateSpace to figure out what I need to do to set this thing up, as well as some of its extra marketing/distribution options, and in the meantime I’m talking with my artist friend Tricia (who does all the design work for my wife’s business) about a cover design. If I’m going to do this, I want to do it right, and that means no pre-fab stock covers for me.

Which manuscript I’m going to use, that was an easy choice: my YA novel Action Figures, which got me the closest I’ve ever gotten to snagging an agent or publisher since I started this whole writing thing many many moons ago. It’s some of my strongest work, and I think it has a good chance of finding an audience since literary super-hero adventures, particular those that might appeal to female readers, are rather non-existent as near as I can tell.

In the coming days and weeks I plan to ramp up some advance publicity for this project, so watch this space for some decidedly non-I-can’t-catch-a-break-my-creativity-is-in-the-toilet posts. Nice change of pace there, I know…


3 thoughts on “Pulling The Trigger

  1. Tom

    Good for you – looking forward to reading it. And, hey, if you’re really nervous about any potential negative reactions that being self-published might get you, you could always do it under a pseudonym and have plausible deniability. “Awesomesauce McKickass? Never heard of him.”


  2. Hooray! We can experiment together… wait… actually, no, I’ll stick with that.

    Let me know if you need any help. I’m gonna be fumbling my way through formatting stuff, too. It’s probably not as complicated as it seems if anyone can do it, but haven’t delved too far into that. Gotta start soon, though.

    You can always keep shopping the book to agents/publishers while doing self-pub. Maybe having some solid sale numbers to back titles up will help. Never know!


  3. Tom, I did actually toy with a pen name, but decided that if I’m going to put myself out there at all, I do it honestly — fly or die, I do it as me. No guts, no glory.

    Justin, I just read through the formatting document and took a ton of notes to distill the process. Stripped of all the superfluous info, it actually looks fairly simple. Tricia is going to have more to contend with there for cover formatting purposes, I have it kind of easy.


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