Writing About Not Writing

According to my last entry, it’s been close to two months since I last posted anything here…which means it’s probably been at least three, maybe four months since I wrote anything outside of my day job.

God, that’s depressing.

Granted, in large part some of this slump is due to the fact I have been working shows since the beginning of May and haven’t had a free weekend (and the one week I did have off, I spent cleaning the house and playing Bioshock Infinite), but more importantly, I haven’t wanted to write. At all. I’ve had one or two fleeting ideas, but nothing that spoke to me so much that I felt compelled to put them to (metaphorical) paper.

Normally I am an obsessive writer. When an idea clicks, I can spend uninterrupted hours pounding out the story, but lately the idea well has been bone dry. I’ve had writer’s block before, but never this bad, never for this long.

I’m trying to think of ways to shake myself out of this dead zone, but ironically, that too is proving a stubborn dead end. If there’s a way to get the ol’ creative engine fired up again, I’m not seeing it.


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