Going Through The Motions

The slump continues. I haven’t written anything outside of my day job for several weeks now, and I’ve felt absolutely no surge of creativity. Nothing. My creative battery is dead like it’s never been before. No ideas, no desire to write — bupkiss.

I’m trusting this dry spell will end soon, but I can’t even muster the motivation to try and shake myself out of it. I’m content (for lack of a better word) to let it play out on its own.

The most effort I’ve put forth lately is on the submission front, but there’s no enthusiasm or optimism there. I prep the query, send it out, move on…it’s become a very mechanical and passionless process.

I know this is all lingering dejection over last year’s major agent rejection. To come that close to success, then have it vanish? Still stings like hell, and it’s crushed my passion for writing. Again, I know I’ll eventually bounce back, but this is going to be a tough setback to recover from.


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