That’s the sound of me earning money as a freelance writer.

As mentioned previously, I was contacted out of the blue by someone looking for a renaissance faire variety act script. After a few weeks of writing, getting feedback, re-writing, getting more feedback, and re-re-writing, I finished the script yesterday and sent it off along with an invoice.

It felt good from both a “finishing a project” perspective and a “Hey, look, people will pay me to write stuff for them!” perspective, but I find the latter feeling more gratifying — not just for the boost to my bank account, which is always appreciated, but because it feels like some measurable forward momentum. I’ve finished a lot of projects over the past year or so, but this one earned me money and, later this year, real live people* will see it when it’s performed as part of the Krebashia Kingdom faire in June.

It kind of made up for the rejection e-mail I got the next morning. Sigh.

I’ll post a portion of the script here once the show has had its debut.

* No offense to the real live people who test-read my stuff.


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