New Year, Same Routine

So, five days into the New Year I’ve already received two rejection notices from a round of queries I made back around Thanksgiving. I guess the holidays really slowed everyone down.

One of them was particularly ouchie, in two different ways. I queried a small press that seemed very interested and asked for the first 20 pages of the manuscript. Based on past experience, that’s what I send when my initial pitch catches someone’s fancy and they want a taste of how I put a story together. Well, in this case it was apparently enough for the editor to tell where all the plot deficiencies are, even though barely anything seriously plot-relevant happens in those pages (bear in mind the full manuscript, double-spaced, is about 500 pages).

I replied and asked that he review additional pages so he can get a better sense of the story I’m trying to tell. I doubt he’ll bite, but I had to go down swinging on this one.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new project, I’m pumping out agent and publisher queries in fits and spurts, and I’m looking around for new and different opportunities to do something with my writing other than local news. Just keep swimming…

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