Back In The Saddle Again!

Hey, look! Two cowboy metaphors in as many posts!

Saturday turned out to be a “working holiday” for me. My wife and her family took off to do some clothes shopping in advance of my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding, and since I had no desire to spend my day bored out of my skull (on the first Saturday of the Christmas shopping season, no less) I took off to get some long-overdue work done.

My office-away-from-home for the day was a neat little place called Cocoon, a coffee shop that had giant peanut butter cookies and excellent coffee (which I drank WAY to much of, thanks in part to a clerk who kept giving me free refills…she might have been flirting with me by way of free coffee).  I sat down with my caffeine and sugar, fired up the laptop, and cracked open the 2013 Writer’s Market Guide.

Over the course of six hours, I sent out a half-dozen queries to agents for all three of my novels, highlighted several more possible recipients, and made final edits on about 60 or so pages of Bostonia. I haven’t even touched the publishers section of the guide, but I plan to take care of that this weekend.

I’m still smarting from last month’s rejection of Action Figures, and it took a while to right myself from that defeat, but things are moving forward once again. I don’t think I’ll meet my goal of getting something major sold in 2012, so I guess it’s time to think optimistically about 2013.


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