Action Figures – A Non-Progress Report

It’s coming up on one month since I re-submitted my manuscript and — not that this is a surprise — there’s been no word yet. I’m honestly not expecting to hear anything for quite a while yet, but I’m starting to get into that twitchy checking-e-mail-constantly phase.

That’s not as bad this time around, in good part because I’m otherwise occupied with my day job and my various responsibilities with the Connecticut Renaissance Faire (I’m in the cast, I’m serving as fight captain for the stage combat work, I’m writing Mandrake’s Mysteries again, and I’m helping the online publicity effort).

I’m also casually fleshing out the next story in the series, in part to keep those rare free moments occupied with something productive, and perhaps as a bit of positive affirmation. “The manuscript is going to sell, which means I should outline the rest of the series,” I’m telling myself.


One thought on “Action Figures – A Non-Progress Report

  1. Robert

    A wee suggestion: use those odd moments to turn out a few short stories, and send them off to various anthology publications. That’ll give you a bunch of irons in the fire, which will (hopefuly!) keep you from thinking about any one of them too obsessively.


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