Wasting Time And Filling Space

For a variety of reasons, my personal vow to write up at least one post a week has fallen by the wayside. I blame this on, first and foremost, having no serious inspiration. Nothing has captured my interest (or rankled me) sufficiently to warrant a post…the exception being The Cabin in the Woods, which you should all see, but since it’s been in theaters not even a full week I don’t want to engage in spoilers.

Also, my time and energy have been going in other directions, which happens around faire season. My weekdays are dedicated to the day job and my weekends are now occupied by rehearsals and assisting with publicity for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire (which you all should also see).

I guess so this post isn’t total bullshit rambling, I’ll say that as of this post I have not yet heard back from the agent who expressed an interest in Action Figures. The revised manuscript went out on March 29, and it took more than a month to hear back on the first submission, so I won’t start getting all panicky until the end of April…but, with luck, I will have something good to report there sooner than that.


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