Action Figures, Progress Report #4

I was really hoping this would be the post where I announce that I have an agent.

After figuratively biting my nails for weeks, all the while filled with cautious optimism this would be the breakthrough I’ve been working for for years, I checked my e-mail last night before bed and ruined what was an otherwise great day by finding another rejection letter.

The only thing that’s keeping me from crawling into a six-pack of Guinness for the weekend is the fact that it was quite JUST another rejection letter. This agent, she actually told me, in detail, why she was passing on it. She gave me very specific critiques on the characters (which she absolutely loved) and the story, which is where she felt I dropped the ball, mainly toward the end. She also told me what she felt I needed to do to fix it and invited me to re-submit it if I address the issues.

So, yes, I’m crushed because it was a rejection, but this is literally the first time ever someone has given me feedback rather than the standard “this does not meet our needs at this time.” The door here isn’t closed and locked. It’s been left open a crack and the welcome mat is still out.

And yes, I am spending my weekend working my ass off to give the agent a reason to open the door and invite me in.

Enough door metaphors. Gotta get writing.


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