Killing Jokes

Casino Confidential has gone up, and from what I’m hearing, it was very well-received by an audience of about 300 people at the Worcester Jewish Community Center.

I’m somewhat sorry I couldn’t be there myself, because it’s always thrilling to see something I wrote on its feet before an audience, but it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t around, because I’m also the type who will sit there the whole time thinking, “That’s not how I wrote that line!”

I know, you just can’t make me happy.

Except I am happy with this script. There were definitely challenges, to put it kindly, because the clients (the WJCC) were what you would call “hands on” (again, to put it mildly) and so a lot of elements were thrown in as concessions to them — elements I would have deleted in a heartbeat, but had to be there, so it was my job to make the best of them.

Click on the link above to read scene two of the script, and if anyone out there is interested in having this very same show performed for them, perhaps as a fundraiser, then give Stephen and Alena at Autumn Tree Productions a shout, because they now own the rights to the script. Yes, that’s how full-service I am; not only will I write for you, if you pay me to buy the rights to the finished product, I’ll sign ’em over.


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