Yes, Even My Website is Not Immune From Getting Rebooted

As you read this (assuming you’re reading this very soon after this blog’s launch), I am in the process of killing my old, rather lame, not-at-all-easy-to-update website and converting to a WordPress blog. Considering my needs, it’s a wise move; I need simple.

So, why am I re-launching It felt like a good time in light of my recent accomplishment.

See, on Sunday (August 14, 2011) I completed a novel project I had been working on, literally, since January 2005. This was the most ambitious project I’d ever undertaken, and now that it’s (sort of) done and moving on to the next phase — refinement and finding a publisher — I thought it would be a perfect time to bring this online presence back to life.

(The project, by the way, is entitled Bostonia – The Secret History of the City on the Hill. It’s an urban fantasy tale set in and around, obviously, Boston that was inspired by, among other things, my nightmarish adventures in the city during the waning years of the Big Dig, when driving was even more of a clusterfuck than it is today.)

You might ask, Why did it take me so damn long to write this thing? Several reasons, really: day-job work, side projects sapping my time and creative energy, real life (I got married and bought a house somewhere along the line), periods when I had no idea where the story was going or how to keep it moving, and bouts of plain old “I don’t feel like writing” (all of which is perfectly normal for writers, I learned from Neil Gaiman in his infamous — but greatly appreciated — post, “Entitlement Issues“).

I would have preferred to have finished it off MUCH sooner, but I didn’t, and I’m not going to waste time bemoaning the circumstances that led to this moment in time. Rather, I’m going to patiently wait for my intrepid band of test-readers to get back to me with their feedback, make what I hope are a quick and final round of revisions, then start seriously shopping this baby around to agents and publishers.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep busy with other projects, and I’m going to be a lot more diligent in keeping track of my progress via this blog. Really.

I promise.


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