Back In Action!

Sorry for the lengthy radio silence, but the last few weeks have been utterly insane.

To cut a long story short, a few months ago my wife and I made the difficult decision to sell our home, which we could no longer comfortably afford on our self-employment-based incomes. We found a new place quickly enough, but that meant we had to set about packing up our lives and moving to the new condo, a project that took up pretty much every spare minute I had since the end of March.

Fortunately, the move is done, and I wish I could say that means I’m getting back on the laptop to resume work on Action Figures – Issue Five: Team-Ups, but I won’t have any proper writing weekends for about eight weeks as rehearsals for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire start up today, and I’m returning to assist my friend Cliff in his fight direction duties.

However, with the new place mostly unpacked and semi-organized, I will have some time during the week to get writing done, so don’t worry. Book five should be out in late September!

Cruel Summer – Print Edition! (And Other Stuff)

Art by Patricia Lupien

Art by Patricia Lupien

For those of you who have been waiting for the print edition of Action Figures – Cruel Summer, sorry for the delay, but the wait is at last over! The hard copy version is now available on Amazon, so go get it!

The Kindle edition has been flying off the metaphorical shelves since it dropped last week, and has been hovering near the top of two best-seller lists, which gives me plenty of incentive to keep cracking on book five, Team-Ups.

I’ve mentioned book five quite a few times in the past couple of months, so you might be wondering exactly what’s going to happen in the next installation. For starters, the book will be tonally more in-line with the first three books in the series. I make no apologies for running dark with book four — it wasn’t a story that could be told with my usual lighter touch — but believe me, I’m happy to get back to stories that are more on the fun side.

The big curve ball for readers in book five is that it will consist of a series of vignettes — self-contained stories each spotlighting a different member of the Hero Squad as they recover from the events of book four. Here’s a sampling of what’s coming…

  • The King of Pain deals one last blow against the Squad, and it could shatter the already fractured team forever.
  • Matt and Nina Nitro set out to apprehend two escapees from Byrne Penitentiary, but things don’t go as planned after local hero (and noted jerk) Deuce X. Machine lends an unwanted helping hand.
  • Carrie spends quality time with the Quantum Quintet.
  • Missy begins her formal training…with the Entity, but the mysterious vigilante has an ulterior motive.
  • Stuart follows Dr. Enigma into Boston’s underworld to recover a powerful magical artifact, but an old enemy stands in the way.

Book five will culminate in a major revelation as Carrie — and readers — finally learn exactly where her powers came from…and that her fantastic abilities come with a price.

Godzilla Likes My Book!

I bet that got your attention, huh?

My friend Lauren, who took the photo I use as my official author photo, did up a silly thing for Tumblr to show her love for my books.

Photo by Lauren Dubois. I suppose Toho Studios should also get a mention.

Photo by Lauren Dubois. I suppose Toho Studios should also get a mention.

To view the full thing, go here. I hope it amuses you as much as it amused me.

As you’ll see, Godzilla is ready for book four. Fortunately, he won’t have long to wait, because it drops tomorrow! You can still pre-order it for the Kindle, and the print edition should be ready for sale later this week.

Godzilla isn’t the only one eager for the next book. Over the weekend, pre-order sales drove Action Figures – Issue Four: Cruel Summer up to the number two slot on Amazon’s best-seller list for Kindle e-books in the comics & graphic novels / graphic novels / action & adventure category!

Cruel Summer – Back Cover Art Reveal!

Hey, everyone. I’m taking a few minutes out of my writing weekend — I’m already cranking out Action Figures – Issue Five: Team-Ups — to show off the finished color art for the back cover of Action Figures – Issue Four: Cruel Summer, courtesy of my artist Tricia.

Art by Patricia Lupien.

Art by Patricia Lupien.

Oooh, foreboding!

This means the cover art package is almost finished, which means the print edition of book four will be available soon! I’ll let you all know when it becomes available for sale on Amazon.

If you can’t wait, and you’re a Kindle user, you can still pre-order book four, which will be released this coming Tuesday!

Thank You, Northfield High!

Back in January, I mentioned that a student at Northfield High and Middle School in Vermont asked the school librarian, Cheryl Kissel, to add Action Figures to the school library catalog. I donated copies of the first three books, and this week I finally got some pics of my books in the library.

Photograph by John Duprey.

Photograph by John Duprey.

Why did it take so long? Well, according to Cheryl, “I wanted to get some with all of the books but, up until the other day, there was always at least one checked out!” I cannot ask for a more flattering explanation.

Photograph by John Duprey.

Photograph by John Duprey.

Big thank-yous go out to Cheryl, my father-in-law Ted Fullard, and a student I know only as Dan for making this happen. A bonus thank-you goes to John Duprey, who took the photos for this blog post. Go give the guy some love and check out his website.

I’ve already made arrangements to send book four to the school as soon as the print edition is ready, which should be soon. My cover artist, Tricia Lupien, is finishing up the back cover as we speak. Here’s a tease of the back cover image…

Artwork by Tricia Lupien.

Artwork by Tricia Lupien.

Finally, a cheap plug: the Kindle edition of Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins is on-sale for 99 cents through today, so grab it now!

Cruel Summer – Pre-Order Now!

Here we go, readers…Action Figures – Issue Four: Cruel Summer is now available for pre-order on Kindle! Here’s the cover, courtesy of my ever-reliable cover artist Tricia Lupien…

AF 4 Final

What’s book four about? Here is the official blurb…

His name is uttered in terrified whispers. He’s the bad guy the good guys fear. He is the King of Pain, and he’s come to Kingsport to put another hero in the ground.

The Hero Squad faces their deadliest foe yet, a mysterious killer who hunts within the superhuman community, leaving dead bodies and broken minds in his wake. The Squad is next on his hit list, and the King of Pain will push the young heroes to their absolute limit — and one of them might not survive the experience.

Get ready for the darkest chapter in the Action Figures saga as the Hero Squad prepares for the greatest fight of their lives — a fight in which there are no winners…only survivors.

Yep, things are going to get dark for the Squad, so brace yourself. The Kindle edition will be available on Tuesday, March 24 (print edition release date TDA).

If you’ve only now discovered the Action Figures series, now is a great time to jump on, because Action Figures – Issue One: Secret Origins is on-sale this week! The Kindle edition is available through Friday for just 99 cents — three dollars off the normal price.

To grab either book — or Black Magic Women or Pasts Imperfect, for that matter, go to the Buy Now page and click the cover images to be taken directly to Amazon.

A Busy Birthday

Yep, today’s my birthday, but I’m going to give you a little gift.

First, I wanted to let everyone know that my editor has finished her work, and tomorrow I will begin final edits and formatting so Action Figures – Issue Four: Cruel Summer is on-track for release later this month.

And now for the gift: a sneak-peek at the cover-in-progress, courtesy of my ever-reliable cover artist, Tricia Lupien! This is the flat color version, meaning Tricia has yet to go in to do any shading or color effects. That should be wrapped up later this week, then I’ll have a full cover reveal for everyone to view with awe and admiration. Enjoy!

Art by Patricia Lupien.

Art by Patricia Lupien.


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